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The Urbana Alumni Association is an all-volunteer organization devoted to supporting Urbana’s schools. You don’t have to be an alum to join — just share our goal of helping Urbana’s teachers, students and community.

The UAA supports projects that enhance schools, their programs and participation in activities that enrich the school experience. We focus on the middle school and high school, where all our students come together. Our support comes from annual membership dues, from fund-raising events and special fund-drives. The more help we get in fundraising, the more we can provide to our schools.

Since 1995, UAA has awarded more than $700,000 in grants to District 116 teachers and programs to support projects from computers and special library collections to a state-of-the-art surface for our track. We’ve helped the UHS Math Team travel to tournaments and the Future Farmers of America attend a conference. We’ve augmented sports equipment and supported the Lego competition and science equipment.

In addition to our twice-yearly awards to teachers who apply for grants, we’re now working to make possible two large projects on our high school-middle school campus: the athletic gateway and a renovation of the UHS auditorium. Take a look and join us in these exciting projects! It’s easy and fast—we take Paypal and have a secure site for credit card donations. Watch the difference your donation makes.



party at BUNNY'S

this year it is Friday, October 3rd starting around 9PM (after football game)

Reunions gathering place with food, band and more!

Fundraiser for the John Gremer Weight Room


Musical Chairs

The right chair makes a difference

Much like wearing correctly fitting shoes for walking, sitting in the proper chair is vital for musicians. Correct posture improves a musician's performance and is especially important for student musicians.  Orchestra chairs duplicate the natural standing position for better posture and greater breath support. 

The construction of the chair makes it difficult for the musician to slouch, yet remain comfortable so it's easy to concentrate on mechanics and performance. The chairs for cellists are specially designed to slant slightly forward to promote proper posture.

The standard folding chairs that are currently used work against their musicianship.  Consequently, the music department would like to purchase a full set of stackable orchestral chairs for concerts in the high school auditorium.  Chair racks would also be purchased to efficiently store and transport the new chairs.

A complete set of 70 Wenger Nota chairs, 10 cello chairs, and 4 racks costs $10,552.00.

To donate and show support for aspiring musicians, please go and click on our DONATE NOW button.  
Donate what you can and remember to write "Musical Chairs” into the Include Special Instructions to Seller of PayPal or send us an email at info@urbana-alumni.com telling us you just made a donation for the chairs.